Who is Stay Classy Vlog?

Let us introduce ourselves with a quick photo.

stay classy vlog website

We’re Amalie and Joen. A couple from Denmark, who decided to move away from our home in Copenhagen in order to pursue a dream of becoming YouTubers.

Pathetic, right?

At least that’s how we saw ourselves when we started out with zero people having the slightest interest in watching our videos.

We started out doing YouTube videos in 2017. Ever since, we have been uploading travel vlogs consistently from all over the world.

We have made videos in +20 countries, but as of August 2018 we decided to move to a country instead of traveling to countries.

And so we ended up in Portugal. A country we had already fallen in love with in 2017.

What do we do?

It’s quite simple, really.

Videos around Portugal!

Lots of them, as we upload a new vlog twice a week, Wednesdays and Sundays.

The vlogs are based on our life in Portugal, where we make an effort to mix up the content so you never get two identical videos.

We are all about exploring new places whether it be scenic nature, charming towns or world class restaurants.

It’s not for nothing that our declared mission is to explore every inch of Portugal.

But it’s not just adventure vlogs from around Portugal that’s on the horizon. We also like to share how living in Portugal actually is, as it’s one of the most popular countries for expats in Europe.

So for that reason we – from time to time – share the challenges of living in Portugal as expats, where everything isn’t quite as easy as back home. Or at least not the same.

Why this website?

Videos are our number 1 priority. No question. But we feel that valuable information is often times left out of the video, as it’s difficult to include everything.

Every second counts, you know, and no one wants to watch 30-minute-long videos.

So we decided to make this website an information-filled addition to the Stay Classy Vlog, where every video we make will be associated with an article that recaps the content of the video along with practical informations such as the restaurant(s) we dined at, the hotel we stayed at and so on so forth.

Become part of our journey!

It’s much more fun to make videos when you guys are tagging along.

So if you perhaps found us via a Google search and never have seen our videos, you should see if our Portugal videos is your cup of tea. Or coffee. Or whatever you love to drink.

Here’s a couple of┬áPortugal vlogs to watch if you’d like to get to know us and find out what kind of videos we do.